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Earn through Referrals

The Open Christian University offers you the opportunity to earn money or finance your studies through its referral program. You can earn, on average, 15% of sales by promoting OCU programs using your unique link or code.

Program Details

The Open Christian University Referral Program rewards people who refer students to the University. OCU is always on the lookout for new international students to join the university community. If you refer a qualified international student, we will pay you a 15% referral bonus or a lumpsum equivalent of $50 if the student is on scholarship. The referral bonus is paid upon successful registration and payment of the second installment. If you are a student, the referral bonus can be used to pay for your tuition or be paid to you directly if you have completed your tuition payments. OCU staff and faculty, as well as people outside the university network, are also eligible for the same referral bonus. To be eligible to receive a referral bonus as a referrer, you must be at least 18 years old.


Sign Up

To register as a new affiliate, you will need to create your affiliate account by entering your email address and selecting your preferred password. Remember to provide your payment information so you can receive payments.

Get Approved

Upon registration, our marketing team will review and approve your application and assign you products to promote. Your unique link and code will then be automatically generated to help you start selling.

Earn % on Sales

Log into your affiliate account and start promoting OCU products on different platforms, social media or by emails. Our marketing team will make referral payments every month. However, if you have referred a student who has successfully enrolled in a course, your referral bonus will be paid after the student has paid the second installment.